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Like I said, Wizard World is totally happening in Chicago, and that got me thinking about the missed opportunities at it and any future shows this year. Dragon Con is a big one, right? Save for a short, obsessive stint playing Gemstone IV in college, I’ve just never gotten into fantasy stuff, so I’m not familiar with it, and had no plans to go out to Atlanta for it. So that right there are two shows that probably will have their own share of pervs perving it up all over the exhibition floors. The only show I maybe was going to be able to go to NYCC…

So, I was checking the dates for the NYCC and it’s October 13-16. Hrm. I’m obviously free that weekend— in my case, being a “freelance” artist means “I am woefully unemployed at the moment”— but I’m hesitant to plunk down money to go in. I used to live up there! The Javits Center was maybe 45 minutes from my apartment, and we actually exhibited in 2009. I already had a reason to be at SDCC— we were exhibiting— so I was already gonna be there, and so this project wasn’t any skin off my nose. I like to get back to the city a few times a year but I’m just not sure I can do it in October.

So— any of you reading this who do live in the city, or will be heading to NYC for the show— can you be my eyes? Or, I mean, can your camerphone be my cameraphone?

I am holding my breath on being sponsored and sent up there (to stay in a luxury suite, of course; only the best for me!!), and I am also holding my breath eying my account balance, so it’s still up in the air whether I’ll go…. I shall let you know, intrepid reader!

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