Comic Con Pervs

A pervy nerd is still a perv.

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I’m not…. sure…. what this is…

I was searching Flickr just now, to see if there might be any candid shots someone had uploaded from GenCon or Comic Con, and came across a set called Hot Chubs at GenCon. And it’s….. a lot of photos of heavyset men that were taken without their knowledge and surely without their consent.

It’s….. weird. I don’t know what the fuck to make of this one. Strictly based on the photoset I wondered if it was all a humiliation thing instead of a fetish, but no, according to his profile, “My pictures range from the mundane, to the pornographic, to the profane, to the artistic. I like to snipe pictures of fat guys.

So there you have it! Ladies, we’re not the only ones getting creeped on by dudes! Dudes are also being creeped on by other dudes.

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