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A pervy nerd is still a perv.

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I got an email!

Never before has the other side been so well represented. Let’s see what this gentlemanly scholar has to say, shall we?

From “OPfuckU”:

The purpose of hot costumes is to look hot YOU STUPID BISH, and a guy appreciating it and giving admiration not make them “pervs”.   Any one who thinks that preventing a guy taking a photo will get them women, it wont, your tactic will backfire, women do not like nice guys. I bet you anything I am a happier person “learing” at hot peaces of ass in hot costumes at a con than you fucks that drag any one else through the mud for doing so.  Woman who want nice guys do not where skanky fucking slut clothes. What we are the “BAD GUYS” for wanting to stare when a woman has the tops of her tits hanging out for all to see or even for taking a picture you have to be kidding me. That’s my fav argument, REALLY, and it usually comes from a fucking UGLY ASS SLUT that NO ONE WANTS to LOOK AT and you are just jealous. You bitches take any excuse to dress like a whore but bitch becouse some one took the opportunity to do what you obvs wanted, and that is look. So yes I will lear and yes you can call me a perv. If I see you and I like what I see I will take a fucking photo. That is the point.

So! Okay! There we have it folks!

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