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This came up on Gawker today… Oh, Union Square. So full of peepers and pervs and people taking upskirts. I certainly have seen some creepsters there. This guy really captures what how creepy these fucks do, and it’s definitely unsettling how long the guy in question lingers. What kind of perplexes me, however, is how long Normal Bob Smith allows the filming to go on, with the subjects seemingly unaware (are they bait? does he know them?). I do like the thought that the slitherly old pervert with the digital camera goes home to watch his prize and discovers someone else has been filming him. However fleeting it must be, I like the thought that perhaps a pang of humiliation and self-loathing may wash over him. Unless that’s his thing. Oh, who am I kidding; I’m sure it is.

Click the link to his site; there are a number of “peepers” to be found. A man after my own heart! He has employed the use of some really informative graphics too!

Perhaps he and I should team up and troll New York Comic Con to look for pervs. I’m sure at least one or two of these asses will pony up for a weekend badge and be milling about there as well….


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