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This came up on Gawker today… Oh, Union Square. So full of peepers and pervs and people taking upskirts. I certainly have seen some creepsters there. This guy really captures what how creepy these fucks do, and it’s definitely unsettling how long the guy in question lingers. What kind of perplexes me, however, is how long Normal Bob Smith allows the filming to go on, with the subjects seemingly unaware (are they bait? does he know them?). I do like the thought that the slitherly old pervert with the digital camera goes home to watch his prize and discovers someone else has been filming him. However fleeting it must be, I like the thought that perhaps a pang of humiliation and self-loathing may wash over him. Unless that’s his thing. Oh, who am I kidding; I’m sure it is.

Click the link to his site; there are a number of “peepers” to be found. A man after my own heart! He has employed the use of some really informative graphics too!

Perhaps he and I should team up and troll New York Comic Con to look for pervs. I’m sure at least one or two of these asses will pony up for a weekend badge and be milling about there as well….


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Fan Expo in Toronto?

Now, the only time I’ve been north of the border for anything comic-related was when I exhibited at TCAF a couple of years ago. And indie comic fans tend not to be as outwardly creepy for whatever reasons—smaller crowds and lack of cosplayers I assume—so I never witnessed anything weird happening there. But, a few people on Twitter had told me that they’d be going to Fan Expo this year, and inquired as to whether I’d be up, and if not, they could serve as freelancers for the Comic Con Pervs cause.

So, if you’re reading this, and you’re going to be at the Fan Expo, please, consider this a call to action! Any photos can be sent to me, as can any anecdotes, to If you prefer to send me some Timbits, I can provide a physical address as well.?

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I’m not…. sure…. what this is…

I was searching Flickr just now, to see if there might be any candid shots someone had uploaded from GenCon or Comic Con, and came across a set called Hot Chubs at GenCon. And it’s….. a lot of photos of heavyset men that were taken without their knowledge and surely without their consent.

It’s….. weird. I don’t know what the fuck to make of this one. Strictly based on the photoset I wondered if it was all a humiliation thing instead of a fetish, but no, according to his profile, “My pictures range from the mundane, to the pornographic, to the profane, to the artistic. I like to snipe pictures of fat guys.

So there you have it! Ladies, we’re not the only ones getting creeped on by dudes! Dudes are also being creeped on by other dudes.

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So why this is A Thing

As with anything on the Internet, I suspect there will be someone out there that will be, for lack of a better word, butthurt about my little endeavor here. So I figure I’ll explain myself here, and also to people who don’t understand what it is I mean when I make reference to Comic Con Pervs, because they’ve never been to a con.


I started going to Comic Con in 5-6 years ago. My boyfriend and I are exhibitors. Let me set the stage for those of you who have never been: it takes place every year in the San Diego Convention Center. The hall is enormous. It’s cavernous and dark and dank and cold, and each year I fear a catastrophic earthquake that will result in tens of thousands of people in various costumes trampling each other to death in an attempt to escape the collapsing roof. If you’re claustrophobic or agoraphobic, you will not survive. It’s thousands and thousands of people (I need an accurate number for the hall’s capacity but I think it’s over 20,000) milling about in congested aisles as they peruse toys, comic books, get autographs, test new video games and so forth.

So something that’s big is, yes, costumes. It goes beyond dudes dressed as Batman (though rest assured, there are a shitload of those dudes), and the ladies get in on the act. It’s like Halloween. For four days. Why not, right? Besides, if you want to be a random chick from that obscure anime that came out 6 years ago for Halloween, no one might get it. But, if you take that costume to Comic Con, you’ll not only be recognized, but your taste will be validated by people taking your photo or congratulating you. From that comes a sense of community, and it’s fun for me to watch from behind my table.

But this is where the pervs come in— Take for instance, the Sailor Moon cosplayer I saw the first year. She was quite cute and her skirt was the appropriate length (read: tiny as hell) for the character. Someone stopped her in the aisle as I was walking back to my table, and snapped a photo. She smiled warmly and turned to walk away in front of me. I suddenly became aware of two guys quickly shuffle up behind her, stick their camera phones underneath her skirt, take photos, and disappear. I whipped my head around in shock but by the time I turned towards her, she was gone in the crowd. “Holy shit,” I thought, “what creeps”. Except that wasn’t the only time that happened. No man, that happened over and over all day, every day. I saw it in various places— the most blatant thing I saw were guys sitting on the floor training video cameras up the steep, steep escalator in the front, undoubtedly zooming in when a girl in a short skirt rode up. There are thousands of people shoulder to shoulder milling about that hall, so there’s plenty of time for someone to train their iphone or digital camera on your ass while you’re facing the other direction.

I’ve said things to guys before, but they typically act like they don’t hear me and duck away. My boyfriend reminded me of the time I loudly started yelling at some guys for pulling the upskirt-camera-trick on an unsuspecting girl while we were waiting for a trolly to pass outside the convention center. They basically ran away in fright.

And, in case you’re one of those people who wants to pull the “they’re asking for it” card, fuck that. Would I wear a short skirt in a crowd? No. Not anymore; I’ve been groped in public by a stranger when I did. That happened years ago, and I learned you can’t trust other people not to be assholes. I didn’t ask for that anymore than a girl in a costume at the convention—whether she’s paid to be there to promote something or is there as an attendant— is asking a mouth-breather she doesn’t know to stick a flipcamera up her skirt and take grainy photos to spank it to later. 

I just think that it’s time for someone to catch the dudes in the act. If they’re too pathetic to make eye contact with a woman but will sneak up behind her and take a photo of her ass, or “accidentally” touch her there, then there’s no reason in the world why I shouldn’t take a photo of them in the act and post it publicly. You can’t get away with that shit at the mall, so why should you get away with it at a comic convention?

To paraphrase Uncle Ben: “With a great cameraphone comes great responsibility.” Nerds, you know better! Behave or it’ll be your pasty face on this tumblr!

Those of you with appropriate social skills that are going to SDCC, join me, won’t you? Let’s shame the hell out of some dudes; if you catch shady behavior, you can submit it here.

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